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BEAM Plus registered project
has an online account now.

With this online account, you can login anytime and check the project information that you have submitted to us at registration. If there are any updates of the project information, for example a new name for your project, simply edit there. What's more, you can retrieve the scanned copies of certificates and letters of your project at the online account.

Update the project information anytime.

While your project is making good progress, don't forget to keep your project information up-to-date. No matter it is a new project name or a write-up of project narrative, with your updates we will be able to provide better marketing and promotional support to your project.

New Experience of Registering your
BEAM Plus Projects.

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The Single Place to Register Your Project with Any
BEAM Plus Assessment Tools.

The registration forms of all BEAM Plus assessment tools are all centralised in one place. When you have a project ready for BEAM Plus registration, come here and choose the tool, then you can start to fill in the registration forms and submit.


The login name of your BEAM Plus project online account is created based on your BEAM Plus project code with all special characters removed. See an example below:

e.g. if your BEAM Plus project code is:


The login name of your BEAM Plus project online account would be:
Change of primary email

Key Features of BEAM Plus Project Online Account


Feedback Email after Submission of Registration Forms

After submitting your BEAM Plus project registration, you will receive a feedback email containing the project information that you have submitted. The payment advice will be sent to you shortly via another email.


Feedback Email of Project Information Update

Every time when you update the project information at the online account, a feedback email that contains full project information will be sent, with updated fields highlighted in red.

Feedback emails about updates of contact details will now also be sent.


Account Activated after Successful Registration

The online account of BEAM Plus project will be activated after the registration fee is settled. You will receive 2 emails, one of which is the Acknowledgement Letter. Another email contains the link to setup the online account.


Change of Password and Primary Email

If you wish to change the password, click "Forget your password". An email with the link will be sent to the primary email.

If you wish to change the primary email, please send an email to


Export the
Project Information
Fact Sheet


You can now export the Project Information Fact Sheet at your BEAM Plus Project Online Account, for ease of communications with BSL about your project assessment.

Account Active till the Project is Expired / Withdrawn

The online account remains active until your BEAM Plus project is expired or withdrawn.

You will no longer be able to login when your BEAM Plus project is expired or withdrawn.


Get different parties notified when there are updates of your project.

It is important to get different parties in the project team notified when there are any updates of the BEAM Plus projects. Whoever updates the project information, a feedback email will be sent out. Check out the following table to know more who will receive these emails:


Don't know how to use?

 to let us walk you through step by step.

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